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ELA Cougar 07- gyrokopter

The ELA 07 Cougar brings the feeling of freedom and the pureness of the gyrocopterflight within our reach.

From the most basic version of the range, the Cougar can be fully adapted thanks to a wide choice of options that make it a real customized machine, able to compete with the most exclusive models.

The ELA 07 Cougar joins sportive look and simply irresistible features.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT Powerful pneumatic pre-rotator Carbon fiber DUC propeller High energy ELA Rotor Electro-pneumatic rotor brake and pitch trim Mechanical roll trim Hydraulic wheel brakes with parking system 75 liters fuel tank with measuring tool Gyro colour choice High quality seat covers Front seat with pocket Oil thermostat Stainless steel exhaust Slipping clutch in gear box in 912 ULS engine Carburettor heater in 912 ULS engine High performances starter in 912 ULS engine Extra electrical fuel pump in 912 ULS engine
INSTRUMENTATION Airspeed indicator Altimeter Vertical card compass Rotor trim/ brake pressure Rotor tachometer Engine tachometer Cylinder head temperature Oil temperature Oil pressure Fuel pressure Fuel level indicator Hour meter
OPTIONS Metallic paint. Two colour paintwork. Propeller protector. Storage compartments (60 l). Propeller spiner. 4 point harness. Oversized wheels on main gear. Wheel fairings . ELA Helmet. Gyroplane protection covers. Slipping clutch in gear box for 914. Exhaust muffler. Stirrup. Strobe light. GPS Garmin AERA 500 GPS Garmin AERA 795 GPS AV Map EKP IV GPS AV Map EKP IV Pro Radio Funkwerk ATR500. Radio Funkwerk ATR833. Transponder mode S TRT800. Double EGT (exhaust gas temp for 914). Manifold pressure. Double controls. Vertical speed indicator. 12v Power plug. Landing gear fairings. Rear windscreen. Landing light.